Explore the potential of Phononic technology

Our solid-state technology is the element of innovation that’s creating solutions for the world’s toughest thermal challenges. See how, together, we can push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Small appliances

Solid-state technology can enable compact, vibration-free, and quiet cooling for the most compact spaces.

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Medium appliances

Cooling is traditionally limited to one place in the home—the kitchen refrigerator. With Phononic, cooling can be distributed throughout the home. Whether it’s in refrigerated drawers, coffee tables, or even the couch.

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Solid-state technology can be built into child car seats, LiDAR applications, RVs, and boats to bring safer, more comfortable transportation.

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Temperature control for small spaces

With Phononic, climate control can be distributed wherever it’s needed in the room. Whether it’s cooling a work space or outdoor patio, our solid-state technology can be implemented for any temperature control need.

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Embedded electronics cooling

Our solid-state technology is designed to save in cost, weight, and size, offering smaller form factor and lower power consumption in the most demanding environments.

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Food & beverage

With Phononic’s solid-state refrigerators, retail stores can maximize product placement and elevate the shopping experience.

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Furniture & bedding

Our solid-state technology can be integrated into furniture and bedding to offer greater temperature stability and comfort.

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Our medical-grade refrigerators are enabling hospitals, pharmacies, and medical offices to deliver a safer, more reliable standard of care.

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Home of the future

Thermal control is part of what makes home, home. Our solid-state technology can transform cooling and heating in the home with precise climate control for indoor and outdoor spaces.

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Industrial applications

Keeping industrial equipment cool currently requires noisy, high-maintenance, and toxic compressors. With near-silent operation and low-maintenance, our solid-state technology cools equipment by simply circulating water.

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Last mile & cold chain

Temperature stability is everything when it comes to last mile delivery and cold chain transport. With solid-state technology, delivery and transport can be streamlined with greater control and monitoring capabilities to ensure the right temperature at the right time.

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Life Sciences

Our solid-state technology offers a more efficient, dependable, and simple way to cool life-saving drugs and vaccines.

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Portable cooling

Truly portable refrigeration has not been possible because of environmental challenges, such as shock and vibration, weight, size, and availability of power. With our solid-state technology, next-generation portable refrigeration is now possible, keeping anything precisely cold.

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Our TECs are helping transceiver companies achieve better heat pumping density with lower power consumption to deliver the fastest, most reliable networks in the world.

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Take innovation in wearables to a new level. Lower power, longer-lasting, and more lightweight, our solid-state technology can be implemented in wearables for extreme sports, personal comfort, therapeutic applications, and sports therapy.

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