Phononic in Transport

Ensure donor organs thrive during transport—solid-state cooling technology improves the survival of organs and minimizes tissue damage while the organs are being preserved for the body.


Precision cooling

The precise temperature control of solid-state cooling technology ensures that vaccines and other drugs are administered in a viable state.

Cost effective

Storing medications at the right temperature is an efficient and economical way to minimize waste and unnecessary cost, all while eliminating compressors that fatigue and fail over time.


Last mile/cold chain

Last mile delivery and cold chain transport can be customized with greater control and monitoring capabilities—allowing you to maintain temperature stability to the very last mile.

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Diagnostic samples

Avoid inconclusive biopsy results due to uncontrolled and unreliable thermal transport conditions. Precise temperature control ensures trustworthy test results.


Keep drugs at appropriate temperatures and avoid excessive waste and expense due to uncontrolled and unreliable thermal transport conditions.

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