Reimagine what’s possible, with Phononic.

At Phononic, we believe the world deserves a better way to cool and heat. Our solid-state chip has the power to transform our daily lives, cooling and heating our modern world responsibly, without toxic refrigerants. Join us in delivering the solid-state technology platform that the world needs.

Executive Leadership.

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Tony Atti

Director, Co-Founder, & CEO

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Tom Werthan


Work at Phononic.

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Life at Phononic.

At Phononic, our culture is built on inclusive and supportive values that shape who we are as a company. Only by investing in our culture can we confidently set out to change the world.

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We call Durham home.

Located in Durham, North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park, Phononic is part of a flourishing innovation hub with more than 250 cutting-edge businesses.

Our people.

Our greatest strength lies in our people. We are a talented group of thinkers and innovators who are constantly pushing the status quo, disregarding the naysayers, and having a whole lot of fun along the way.



At Phononic, we truly value you as an employee and part of our professional family. Our goal is to offer the very best healthcare possible to you and your loved ones. With this in mind, we have developed a comprehensive employee benefit package designed to protect you and your family. All benefits, with the exception of voluntary life and FSA, are 100% paid by Phononic for eligible full-time employees, dependent children, and spouses.


Phononic recognizes the importance of providing each full-time employee the opportunity to take time off from work to rest, relax, recharge, and have fun. Because we are an organization with high performance standards, we offer a very flexible vacation policy.


Phononic provides paid sick time to regular full-time employees to provide them with protection against loss of income if they are ill or injured, need to attend to an immediate family member, or if they need time off from work for necessary or routine healthcare.

401K Retirement Plan

A 401K plan is an effective way for employees to save for retirement. We offer an Auto Enroll feature and you can contribute up to 90% of your income as required by law.

Stock Options

Employees are given the opportunity to have ownership in the company with options.