A Solid State Future Is Here

August 4, 2016

A Technological Evolution

Hans Hofman once said that: “The ability to simplify means the ability to eliminate the unnecessary so the necessary may speak.” Technology continues to follow this paradigm by continually shedding it’s weakest links.

Solid-state refers to devices with a physical architecture made of solid, non-moving components. Consumers might have come across the term, when shopping for hard drives. Solid-state hard drives now dominate the market, since they prove faster and more reliable than traditional spinning disks. But hard drives are just the beginning as solid-state technology shows promise across a wide range of sectors and applications.

Battery performance has always been the albatross around the neck of the electric car market. Even the most advanced electric vehicles today rely on batteries that are expensive and have limited range. Scientists theorize that solid-state batteries could replace current liquid electrolytes with a solid structure. The absence of a liquid means these batteries could hold far more battery cells, improving battery density for increased life and performance all-the-while driving down cost. That’s exactly the shot in the arm the EV market needs to overtake gas-powered vehicles once and for all.

What The Future Looks Like

While many are excited about the potential solid state technology has to revolutionize industries, we at Phononic are already implementing this cutting edge science to disrupt heating and cooling. Phononic pioneers semiconductor solutions for temperature management, utilizing solid-state technology to replace conventional compressors, fans, and heat sinks. One well-known application for this innovation is in digital displays.

Digital displays are ubiquitous these days. They’re on our laptops, mobile devices, and television sets, as well as self-service kiosks found in airports, movie theaters, and grocery stores.  Every digital display requires heat management, and solid-state technology delivers better cooling at a smaller size meaning manufacturers can pack more power and performance into devices.

The healthcare industry is a sector that Phononic supports, while creating innovative products that have the capacity to save lives. The medical field has a critical need for controlled heating and cooling to keep biological specimens like tissue, blood, and organs all at precise temperatures. Phononic integrates solid-state technology to construct refrigeration units that regulate temperature more accurately and uniformly than anything else on the market.

The solid-state revolution isn’t coming; it’s already here with Phononic leading the charge. From electronics, to automobiles, to heating and cooling, solid-state technology represents the present and future of innovation.

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