Revolutionizing Climate Control

July 28, 2016

The Energy Problem

Are you one of the millions who constantly wastes money, either knowingly or unknowingly, while heating or cooling your office space, building, or home? If so, then you need to reinvest in a more efficient heating and cooling system that’s not only smaller, but quieter, and more sustainable than your current system.

The Phononic Solution

Phononic is a revolutionary cooling and heating company that is using engineering technology to change the world. This technology regulates temperature using two charged panels, which is better than a vapor-compressor system; since the vapor-compressor system uses harmful chemicals, has parts that move and break, produces loud sounds, and is not energy efficient.  In addition, this technology will cool everything, including refrigerators and computers.

Today, the biggest industries that we currently serve are the telecommunication industry, computer industry, and the medical industry.  The are several benefits of investing in our products, which include our engineering experts having the capability to make products that can be monitored and temperature controlled, or even produce small cooling devices and help computer manufacturers continue Moore’s law.

Over the years, controlling temperature has become more and more challenging and this has made it very difficult to create a livable environment.  It has been hard for homeowners to control climate, due to outdated technology.  Our products are the solution to wasting energy and money, since we provide high quality equipment that are energy efficient and provide climate control.

The Shocking Numbers

Most United States citizens use about 48% of energy from either heating or cooling their homes, which makes this the largest energy expense for most homes, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.  The Department of Energy Resources estimates that this winter heating expenses for the average residential customer will be $879 for natural gas, $2,248 for oil, $2,569 for propane, and $679 for electric heating.  The average price of fuel, customers’ historical fuel usage and the anticipated weather conditions are calculated when predicting projected expenditures.

In the United States, two-thirds of all homes have air conditioners, which use about 5% of all the electricity that is produced at a cost of more than $11 billion annually to homeowners.  As a result, about 100 million tons of carbon dioxide is released into the air each year, which is about two tons of the substance in every home that contains an air conditioner. To learn more about air conditioners, visit and/or

There are millions of individuals who consistently waste money on heating and cooling systems, and haven’t yet found a solution to their on-going problem.  We at Phononic know that the current heating and cooling solutions are outdated and are not energy efficient, nor are they cost effective.  We also know that climate control is important to our customers and this is why we strive to provide you with eco-friendly and cost efficient heating and cooling systems.

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