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  • What is Pharmacy Automation?

    What is Pharmacy Automation?

    Pharmacy automation involves the use of largely automatic equipment in the process of handling and distributing medications. It increases productivity and saves time.

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  • Achieving the Perfect Refrigerator Temperature

    Achieving the Perfect Refrigerator Temperature

    Whether using a medical refrigerator for storing medication, or a commercial refrigerator, it's important that the fridge is set to the right temperature.

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  • Vaccine Storage

    Vaccine Storage

    From the time a vaccine is manufactured to the time it is administered to a patient, it needs to be stored properly. Safe vaccine storage is very important to making sure that the vaccine works effect

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  • Refrigeration Guidelines for CDC Vaccines

    Refrigeration Guidelines for CDC Vaccines

    CDC vaccines meet strict storage requirements throughout the length of the cold chain. Labs and healthcare providers should use a medical refrigerator to ensure they are meeting the CDC's guidelines.

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  • Ensure Proper Breast Milk Storage

    Ensure Proper Breast Milk Storage

    The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention provide guidelines for breast milk storage for safe consumption. Read on to learn about proper storage.

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  • Phononic's Medical Grade Refrigerators

    Phononic's Medical Grade Refrigerators

    Evolve was the brand name of Phononic’s original solid-state medical grade refrigerator. The Evolve brand was retired in 2018, but the product line is alive and well.

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  • Solid-State Blood Storage

    Solid-State Blood Storage

    Stringent procedures and protocols are set for the collection, testing, preparation, storage, and transport of blood and blood components. Read more.

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  • Compliance with Refrigeration

    Compliance with Refrigeration

    Compliance deals with the acknowledgment and implementation of meeting specific requirements. In the healthcare world, there are three particular areas that a healthcare facility should prioritize in.

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  • Solid-State Lab Refrigerator

    Solid-State Lab Refrigerator

    A solid-state lab refrigerator uses semiconductor technology to cool. These refrigerators deliver better energy efficiency, require no special ventilation.

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  • Refrigeration Capacity

    Refrigeration Capacity

    Phononic refrigerators can hold up to 40% (commercial beverage coolers) and 50% (medical refrigeration) more capacity than our competitors. They are quiet, energy efficient, and temperature stable.

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  • Frozen Vaccines

    Frozen Vaccines

    Freezing vaccines can cause loss of potency which can never be restored. Phononic refrigerators deliver temperature stability and uniformity. Learn more!

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  • The CDC and Refrigeration

    The CDC and Refrigeration

    The CDC issues standards to promote public health. Read more to learn about the guidelines for safe refrigeration of vaccinations, breast milk and food.

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  • Breast Milk Storage

    Breast Milk Storage

    Proper breast milk storage is important for the health of a newborn baby. The placement of breast milk within a refrigerator or freezer is crucial to ensure quality.

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  • Pharmacy Refrigerators from Phononic

    Pharmacy Refrigerators from Phononic

    A pharmacy refrigerator must meet the standards for safe drug and vaccine storage. Phononic's refrigerators offer excellent reliability for safe storage.

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  • Refrigerator Sizes

    Refrigerator Sizes

    Phononic's solid-state refrigerators are the perfect size for easy use in both the medical and food & beverage applications. Check out the different sizes!

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  • Portable Freezer Uses

    Portable Freezer Uses

    Phononic's portable freezers use solid-state technology instead of bulky compressors, allowing them to be light and compact, and easy to move when needed.

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  • Solid-State Mini Fridges

    Solid-State Mini Fridges

    Our compact compressor free mini fridges come in various sizes to fit different needs and spaces. Read more about the benefits of compressorless fridges.

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  • Automated Dispensing Cabinet

    Automated Dispensing Cabinet

    A medication dispensing cabinet is an electronic drug storage device. They make it easier to store, dispense, and manage medication near the point of care.

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  • USP <800> and Refrigeration

    USP <800> and Refrigeration

    Become USP <800> compliant without expensive renovations, with our solid-state medical-grade refrigerators that are "out of the box" cleanroom-ready.

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