HEX 2.0 Keeps PCs Cool

June 24, 2016

We’re just settling back into the office after a great week at E3 2016 and we’re excited to say that the launch of the HEX 2.0 was a huge success!

phone booth, E3, video games, cpu cooler, hex
Shout out to Lenovo Gaming for the PC!

While games are always front and center during the show, we saw some amazing hardware on the floor from the folks at AMD, Alienware and Nvidia – and it was great to see the team at CPU Magazine keeping show goers up-to-speed with the latest in PC hardware.

If there’s one thing we learned at E3 2016, it’s that virtual reality is here and it’s a force to be reckoned with. VR is on the horizon and it’s putting PC gaming in the spotlight as more consumers look to build computers that are capable of delivering the performance requirements of VR without building a monster of a computer or spending their whole savings. That’s where our new CPU cooler comes in.

We’re bringing gamers and PC-enthusiasts a new category of cooling technology and the feedback we received from attendees, media and industry folks confirmed that the HEX 2.0 is something that the market is aching for. We’re delivering the performance on par with the top industry coolers in a small form factor, at a low cost. There’s no better way to get your rig ready for VR.

Don’t just take our word for it, Twitch streamer Tim Havlock (Darkness_429) stopped by the booth for a chat with our team and live streamed his conversation on Periscope. Watch the recorded stream to hear what he had to say about the HEX 2.0.

The team here at Phononic wanted to say thank you to the gaming community for welcoming us with open arms and we look forward to bringing The Future of Cool to your PC.

phone booth, E3, video games, cpu cooler, hex
The HEX 2.0 and a beautiful PC provided to us by MAINGEAR

We also wanted to extend a special thank you to our partners MAINGEAR and Lenovo Gaming for letting us cool their boxes with the HEX 2.0 – Those rigs looked pretty sweet!

Missed us at E3 or want to learn more about what the HEX 2.0 can do for your PC? Check out the HEX 2.0 product page.

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