TEC (Thermoelectric Cooler) Applications


TEC is an abbreviation for a thermoelectric cooler. A TEC is a semiconductor or solid-state device that generates heating and cooling using the Peltier effect. Other names for a TEC include a Peltier device, a solid-state refrigerator and a Peltier heat pump. A TEC can be used to remove heat across a wide range, from a few milliwatts all the way up to several thousand watts.

Common applications for a TEC include:

  • Avionics and aviation component cooling

  • Dehumidifiers

  • Integrated circuit cooling

  • Laser diode cooling

  • Microprocessor cooling

  • Semiconductor wafer probes

Phononic TEC

Phononic uses TECs to generate cooling within optoelectronics. These laser cooling products offer many advantages. 

Advantages of Solid-State Cooling:

  • 60% higher heat pumping density compared to typical performance

  • 30% less energy consumption compared to typical performance

  • No mechanical parts, resulting in less maintenance & longer lifespans

  • Much quieter operation at 35dB, for a better experience

Phononic also designs and develops a line of TECs for use in customer applications. Our TECs have been developed in an ISO-certified manufacturing facility in the United States, and deliver consistent, repeatable performance. They offer up to 60% higher heat pumping density and up to 30% less energy consumption as compared to typical performance.


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