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  • What is Spot Cooling?

    What is Spot Cooling?

    Spot cooling provides temperature stability for sensitive electrical components and enables temperature control of the individual components in a larger system or subsystem.

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  • 100G Applications and Cooling Needs

    100G Applications and Cooling Needs

    100G refers to 100 Gigabit Internet. It is a computer networking technology that can transmit data at rates of 100 gigabits per second. Read more!

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  • Achieving the Perfect Refrigerator Temperature

    Achieving the Perfect Refrigerator Temperature

    Whether using a medical refrigerator for storing medication, or a commercial refrigerator, it's important that the fridge is set to the right temperature.

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  • Advantages of Back Bar Fridges

    Advantages of Back Bar Fridges

    A back bar refrigerator is a fridge that fits behind a bar. It fits in the limited space and has enough storage to reduce the traffic caused by restocking.

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  • Automated Dispensing Cabinet

    Automated Dispensing Cabinet

    A medication dispensing cabinet is an electronic drug storage device. They make it easier to store, dispense, and manage medication near the point of care.

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  • Beer Refrigeration

    Beer Refrigeration

    Phononic fridges have 40% more capacity than compressor-based fridges. Read more about how a solid-state fridge can help your company with beer storage.

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  • Benefits of a Glass Door Merchandiser

    Benefits of a Glass Door Merchandiser

    A glass door merchandiser is a refrigerator or freezer that has glass doors to be able to advertise and show your product. Learn more about the benefits.

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  • Beverage Refrigerator

    Beverage Refrigerator

    Solid-state refrigeration technology can be placed anywhere in a store, while compressor-based refrigerators are limited to the back of a store. Read more!

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  • Breast Milk Storage

    Breast Milk Storage

    Proper breast milk storage is important for the health of a newborn baby. The placement of breast milk within a refrigerator or freezer is crucial to ensure quality.

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  • Compliance with Refrigeration

    Compliance with Refrigeration

    Compliance deals with the acknowledgment and implementation of meeting specific requirements. In the healthcare world, there are three particular areas that a healthcare facility should prioritize in.

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  • Datacom


    Data communication (datacom) is the transfer of data using channels like optical fibers. You must manage heat in datacom. Learn more about datacom cooling.

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  • Data Logging

    Data Logging

    Data Logging is the collection of data over a period of time. Data Logging is most common with scientific experiments. These monitoring systems generally use a computer linked to a computer.

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    Phononic's medical-grade refrigerators are the first solid-state medical refrigerators to achieve ENERGY STAR certification. Read more!

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  • Ensure Proper Breast Milk Storage

    Ensure Proper Breast Milk Storage

    The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention provide guidelines for breast milk storage for safe consumption. Read on to learn about proper storage.

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  • Fiber Optic Communications

    Fiber Optic Communications

    Fiber optic communications is a field of science and engineering that uses optical fibers to transmit information. Fiber optic transceivers are a critical piece of a fiber optic network. Read more!

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  • Frozen Vaccines

    Frozen Vaccines

    Freezing vaccines can cause loss of potency which can never be restored. Phononic refrigerators deliver temperature stability and uniformity. Learn more!

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  • Heat Pump Applications

    Heat Pump Applications

    A heat pump transfers heat in the opposite way of normal heat transfer, which would naturally move energy from a warm space to a cooler one.

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  • How Thermoelectric Cooling Uses the Peltier Effect

    How Thermoelectric Cooling Uses the Peltier Effect

    Thermoelectric coolers (TECs) are powered by the Peltier effect. TECs are used for telecom & data applications. Learn more about TECs & Peltier devices!

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  • How Peltier Coolers Use the Peltier Effect to Heat and Cool

    How Peltier Coolers Use the Peltier Effect to Heat and Cool

    A Peltier Cooler is a device that uses the emission or absorption of heat under an electrical bias at a junction between two conductors to heat or cool.

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  • How Heat Load Calculation Works

    How Heat Load Calculation Works

    Heat load calculation is the process of determining heat load for a certain space or quantity of matter. Heat load is the amount of heat energy that needs to be added to maintain a desired temperature

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