Phononic Honored By CNBC For Innovations That Revolutionize Industries and The Way We Live

May 15, 2019
May 15, 2019 – 

Phononic, a global leader in solid-state cooling and heating technology, was today announced as a 2019 “CNBC Disruptor 50” honoree for its work disrupting industries worldwide with sustainable, compressor-free solutions. Its Co-Founder and CEO, Dr. Tony Atti, will be interviewed later today on “Power Lunch” in recognition of the company’s drive to unlock the potential of multiple mass market industries simultaneously via its evolution to a scalable semiconductor platform.

The company invites market leaders, industrial designers and engineers to rethink traditional methods of cooling and heating now being used in modern applications across multiple industries – displacing 100+ year-old compressor-based incumbents with solid-state thermoelectric technology. Phononic’s cooling approach integrates the phases of pumping heat, moving heat, and controlling heat to create a powerful thermoelectric system that is flexible, sustainable and commercially viable. The compact footprint of the Phononic Thermal Engine™ allows for a greater degree of design flexibility at the system level, allowing for the creation of product form factors and features that enable designers and engineers to solve their toughest thermal challenges.

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