Empower patient-centered care from start to finish.

Phononic’s solid-state technology is transforming how life-saving drugs are being researched, manufactured, transported, and administered —from the laboratory to the patient room.

Cutting-edge technology.

More precise, up to 20x better temperature stability

Compressor-based systems run on duty cycles, which means they fluctuate in temperature and are constantly powering on and off. Phononic’s solid-state system fluctuates at just ±0.5°C and is always on to deliver uniform cooling for safe vaccine and breast milk storage.

Near-silent, less than 35 dB

With solid-state technology, our medical-grade refrigerators don’t have a compressor. That means, they run nearly silent. So our refrigerators can be placed directly in patient rooms to improve workflow efficiency and patient satisfaction scores, and ultimately increase revenue.

Unsurpassed sustainability

Our medical-grade, ENERGY STAR certified refrigerators harness the power of solid-state technology to deliver precise temperature control while consuming 40% less energy than compressor-based refrigerators.

More reliable, lowering costs by up to 30%

Compressor-based refrigerators are mechanical systems with complicated upkeep and maintenance. Our medical-grade Solid-State Heat Pump systems have no moving parts to fatigue and fail over time, which means they require little maintenance, last longer, and are quick and easy to install and deploy. Less maintenance and more uptime equals significantly lowered operating costs.



Countertop Refrigerator / TSG205

Designed for use in patient rooms for safe and quiet breast milk storage, hospital med rooms, and vaccine storage for smaller clinics.

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Countertop Refrigerator

Undercounter Refrigerator / TSG505/TSX505

Built to offer life sciences laboratories optimal undercounter storage space for research samples and drug storage.

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It’s quiet enough to be placed directly in NICU.

How to buy Phononic

Phononic’s solid-state refrigerators for laboratory and medical applications are accessible from ThermoFisher Scientific:

TSX Series

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TSG 200 Series

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TSG 500 Series

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